Models Tesla 3 standard series plus 2019 UK comment

Tesla Model 3 Standard range Plus 2019 first drive review - hero front The entry-level Model 3 has reduced power and range, but is substantially cheaper. So, is this the best option for those looking for an affordable Tesla? This is perhaps the most anticipated Tesla of them all: the entry-level 3 models. Well, sort of. It won't be long, Elon Musk promised pretty much and the long-awaited $35,000 Model 3, but this standard set plus version represents the cheapest model currently on offer for UK buyers. so on, this model 3 will cost £36,340. Making it the cheapest Tesla available in the UK with some headroom, trimming the twin-engine Model 3 long range by almost £10,000. Standard Spectrum Plus 'partial premium' interior and reduced connectivity, but the main difference is that it swaps two engines 365bhp of all-wheel-drive drivetrain with long range behind a single 252bhp electric motor mounted on the rear axle, while the smaller battery cuts the WLTM-certified range from 348 to 254 miles.

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