Volkswagen E-Golf price cuts by £2765

Volkswagen e-Golf charging Prices for the five-year-old electric hatchback have been reduced to come in line with what's coming soon after the arrival of the ID 3

Volkswagen has slashed the price of its electric e-golf car by $2765, bringing the price to £27,575 after the government's announcement of a plug-in Grant car.

It comes a few days before the official premiere of Volkswagen's first autonomous electric model, Id 3. Prices are for a meb-based hatchback that will offer a choice between 205 and 342 km, with roughly $25,500.

The e-Golf was released in 2014 with a 113bhp electric motor and an official range of 118 miles. In an upgrade in 2017, power has increased to a 134bhp unit, while a larger (35.9kWh) battery has increased the range to 144 miles on a WLTP cycle.

Geraldine Ingham, head of marketing for Volkswagen UK, said: “A significant price adjustment only makes the e-golf a more enticing proposition for buyers. After all, this is a golf – one of the most popular cars, but with all the additional benefits and bonuses associated with an electric propulsion system.”

Production of the e-Golf is set to come to an end as Volkswagen introduces the eighth generation of the Golf later this year to avoid duplication with the id 3.

However, the new Golf will be available in a hybrid GTE Shumok.


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