More information about Apple's new tracking tags leak

We've already heard rumors that Apple is working on a personal item tracker - much like the tiled trackers you may be familiar with - and now more details have poured out on how they'll work.

According to dig done earlier into an internal build for iOS 13, the accessory will help you "tag household items" and "never lose them again."

All of you tag with one of these trackers - keys, wallets, backpacks and so on - will show up in the new app that comes with iOS 13. This will be the place to go to track all your Apple products, from iPhones to MacBooks.

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MacRumors has even revealed an image of the upcoming tracker in iOS 13 code, although that may not exactly match what the finished product looks like.

Apple tag leak

The idea is that once the app detects you've been separated from one of your Apple tags (and what it's attached to), it will start beeping. You can install up to a "safe place" like your home where this won't happen.

Users will also be able to tag "lost mode," a code that suggests where you can enlist the help of other iPhone owners in tracking down an item (this looks like the same system for finding lost MacBooks coming in iOS 13).

Finally, there will be augmented reality in the app as well, guiding you to your lost items, overlay on top of the camera display.

This all sounds very similar to what tile-trackers and other similar products can already do, but if you're interested to learn more about Apple's technology, these tags should be introduced with the new iPhone on September 10th.

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