Par Anafi Parrot FPV Drone POV Goggles in Neat Package

It was back in 2018 that Parrot launched Anafi, a drone - described as a platform, as its quick-release batteries offer standard and advanced options - with a 4K camera to capture great in-flight video and photos. Its 180-degree movement of the gimbal camera is top-down vertical viewpoints in both directions, making its professional applications wider than competing drone offerings.

By 2019 Anafi in a special package. Called Anafi FPV - which stands for first person - the box contains Anafi's drone, battery pack, Skycontroller's 3-Control (which uses your smartphone for viewpoint), parrot, goggles (which can be used to deliver left/right eye vision for True first-person eye-to-eye, virtual reality style), and a parrot-imported backpack to keep it all together.

The backpack is designed to be used as a launch platform; fasten it around your waist and ZIP means the package opens forward 90 degrees so you can access all the components with ease.

But that's not all, September 2nd, the launch date is when all Anafi drones will receive software updates, adding additional modes, including an FPV option that was missing before - like arcade controls (the left stick on the gamepad adjusts the camera position, the right stick then sends the drone on a straight path), cinematic and racing capture presets (designed to capture, as the name implies, cinematic scenes and fast moving objects using tracking).

The Anafi is rated for flights of up to 26 minutes on a single charge and can travel at speeds up to 50 km/h. The battery charges via USB-C, making it super easy to plug in at home or when on the go with a separate battery.

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Available September 2nd, FPV in Anafi will cost £729.99.

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