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Alfa Romeo GTV

When cornering, the rear TGW wheels turn to align with the fronts as centrifugal forces increase

Alpha GTV presents a timelessly stylish coupe with a real passion for its appeal, but there are mistakes to avoid

If Alfa Romeo GTV could speak, she would still be hoarse at his acceptance of the speech. In 1995 he received no less than 10 gongs, two of them from this magazine: Best Sports Car and Car of the Year.

Nearly 25 years later, champagne may have gone, but this 2+2 coupe (there's also a two-seat roadster called the Spider) continues to impress enthusiasts, with prices approaching £10,000 to confirm. This amount is bought by one owner, 42,500 km GTV 3.0 V6 24V Lusso was registered in 2001.

But you don't have to pay that. We have an example of the rare and most sought after 3.2 V6 with Lusso. It's done 92,000 miles, has a full history and is offered for £7495. It dates back to 2003, the year this most powerful version was launched and when the GTV was restyled for the last time. Twelve months later, production of the coupe ceased as its successor, the Brera, was ready.

He came to GTV in 1995. Designed by Pininfarina and with a confident, heart-shaped grille incorporating alpha colorful emblems, this attractive car is spoiled only by a bland interior that feels a bit cheap. Follow up with the rounded edges of the car and move the front number to the offset position, keeping it fresh. The hood, fenders and nose are all integral so there is no rust problem. Elsewhere the body is galvanized, but even so, it's worth checking for rust in the floor and on the rear arches and sills.

Initially, the GTV was offered with a 2,0-liter 16-valve twin-spark engine with 148bhp. Later versions received an intake manifold. For its performance, reliability, smoothness and value, this is an engine.

Then, in 1998, a 3,0-liter 24-valve V6 with 217bhp. To go with higher performance alloys came a large teledial with large brakes adorned with red calipers.

Today, the V6 teams have the highest prices, and rightly so, but well bought and cheaper TS is better to buy. What's not such a great buy is the 163bhp 16-valve 2,0L, launched in 2003, that replaced it and which has an appetite for bearings and bores. At the same time, the 3.0-liter V6 has been replaced by a 3.2 producing 238bhp from 0-62mph in less than six seconds. Few have been sold.

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Throughout the 10-year reign model, Alpha couldn't resist tinkering. There is a slightly modified Phase 1B car from 1997, a Phase 2 passenger car from 1998 (new center console, revised instrumentation, colored body kit), a phase 2b production cleaner from 2000 and finally a Phase 3 restyled model from 2003 (new nose). , revised console, traction control). Fans talk about CF1, 2 and 3 engines and discuss their differences, which largely relate to the number and location of catalytic converters.

Steam boil Turismo and Lusso (V6 for cars exclusively Lusso). There is a V6 Cup too, but just trying to find one. In any case, at this distance, trumps the state of the finish.

Expert opinion

Ned Kirkham, Director, Autolusso: “I would buy a phase 2 3.0 V6 with a CF2 engine. The CF2 is a welcome improvement on the CF1 Phase 1 car, but not as difficult as later Euro 3s that met Euro 3 standards. Then I fit a self-locking diff into the Quaife limited slip ATB. It takes a big step forward in the direction of the 3.0-litre, because without it, understeer can be terrible. Avoid OTS - It suffers from oil dilution due to its direct fuel injection, which causes cylinder, camshaft and connecting rod bearing wear. He also suffers from carbon deposits in the air intakes. Look for 3.2. Only 54 have been sold in the UK and are highly regarded.”

Buyer beware

■ Engine: all engines require a roller change every 36000 miles/three years and fresh oil every 8000. A diesely rattle at idle means the cam is CVT failure. It must be changed from the roller. With JTS engines, check oil quality for fuel dilution and change frequency. On all engines, rough running and misfiring can be due to poor timing, or on V6 engines a faulty MAF sensor or head gasket failure.

■ Gearbox: on the 2.0 TC, if the clutch bites close to the top of the pedal, it needs to be replaced. The clutch pull of a V6 engine gets heavy and notchy when it's warm. Registration for smooth shifting. Chip buildup at the end of the body can cause fifthgear selection problems. On the VI-6, budget ATB limited slip Quaife self-locking diff.

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■ Brakes, suspension and wheels: front suspension wear at each end, causing the front wheel's inner shoulder to wear (although this could be an alignment issue). Bushes on the rear suspension can be worn and experts advise replacing powerflex drive elements. On a V6, feel the buckling of the front discs. Check tire pressure - alloys can oxidize causing poor sealing.

■ Body: check window sills, legs and anchor points for rust.

Interior: check the operation of Windows and, on later vehicles, that the glass falls 10mm. Check the heated rear window - it can burn its connections or, even worse, the fuse box.

Also worth knowing

In GTV from the time when some cars needed two keys. Gtvs since 2000 need their red and blue top keys. Before that date, make sure the key code is with the car or you will struggle to get a duplicate and the immobilizer won't work. Experts advise in case. Try

How much to spend

£600-£999: includes a well maintained 1999 2.0 TS with 115,000 miles for $999.

£1000-£1999: neat runners, including the coveted 1998 2.0 TS with 89k miles applique for $1995.

£2000-£2499: neater 2.0 Shh about 1999 vintage and with 50 miles.

£2500-£3999: more V-6s, including a 1999 Lusso 3.0 24V with 102k miles for $3500.

£4000-£5999: some good low mileage 2.0 ts cars with good history maintenance. £6000-£9999 late V6 Lussos with 26k to 90k miles

We found

Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 16v TS Turismo, 2001/M-Reg, 61,500km, £2450: This vehicle is in original condition and has modest mileage and a complete history. She also has both keys (actually, the ad mentions four of them), the TLG toolkit and just two former custodians.


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