Google Photos alone can give you Facebook same-day prints through your phone

Google Photos may soon get a new feature that will allow you to order prints of photos directly through the mobile app on the same day, pickup.

It's been possible to order photo prints through Google for some time (it's been able to design and order photobooks for you since 2017), but the investigation is on 9to5Google website have shown that there will probably be much faster service on the way very soon.

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Parsing Google Photos for Android 4.24 found references to standard 4x6in photos for "same day pickup from CVS or Walmart".

Mentioned no other companies, so it seems safe to say that the service will only be users in the US, but may not be so long. While his photo service started in the US, Google soon extended it Canada, Germany, UK and France.

Withdrawal of agitation

The app also contains several references to canvas prints, which will be available to Google Photos users who want to mount their pictures on the walls. They will be available in three sizes: 8x8in, 11x14in and 16x20in, with a choice of black and white film (to avoid stretching around the edges of the frame).

Google didn't mention that the companies would provide canvas prints, but neither Resume nor Walmart offer them same-day pickup so it seems it might be the same vendor that handles its photobooks.

These options are not available in the app, and there is no guarantee that they will be, but showdowns, as features that are in development often show. If and when they arrive, they will be a convenient way to get your favorite shots from your phone and in a format where you can enjoy them every day.

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