Hysens launches Roku TV in the UK and Europe

TV manufacturer Hisense has teamed up with Roku to launch Roku TV in Europe and it was announced here at IFA 2019 that it will be launched in the coming months.

Details on what other new model will have are a bit sketchy, but it will be a 4K HDR set “up to 65”, so I think there will be at least 55- and 65-inch options.

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There are already many TVs running the Roku TV operating system in the US. Roku TV was first showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2014 Roku and says that not only are over 100 different models now available from 10 brands, but that one in three of us smart TVs sold have been Roku TVs, making it the most interesting smart TV operating system exists.

While it certainly feels like there's probably more competition for Roku in the European market, the partnership makes sense for both companies. Hysens is looking to increase its market share in Europe and Roku should pit Roku TV against the backdrop of a growing number of smart TV interfaces, including the new-for-Europe Fire TV.

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Roku TV's interface is designed to be easy to use, upgradable and customizable by combining live programming and streaming sources. As well as a standard remote control, you can use the Roku mobile app too. Roku is pushing regular updates to Rock TVs, including new streaming channels and adding new features. There is a roku channel store where you can add new sources for your selection.

Roku says this is trying to keep things as simple as possible for TV makers who want to include the parallax effect in the box; The OS supports many different hardware means it can be used on TVs in quite different price ranges.

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