Moto G8: what we want to see

The Moto G8 is set to be the next incarnation of the Moto G smartphone series, the world's heavyweight budget handset champions – but we don't know anything about the upcoming Motorola phones at the moment.

That's understandable, since Moto G usually launches smartphones in the first months of the year, so they'll probably still. But they are nonetheless expected devices.

While we wait for Motorola's next round of impressive affordable devices to drop, we can expect a slow drip of leaks and rumors to gradually turn into a stream and torrent in preparation for the Moto G8 on vacation - and before that, we can look at the previous Moto G phone. and see what we would like to change in 2020 versions.

Update: The leak suggest the Moto G8 (or Moto G8 Plus) could have a pop-up camera and a triple-lens rear camera, as well as an upgraded chipset.

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  • What is this? The next incarnation in the Moto G range of budget smartphones
  • When is that? Probably in the first few months of 2020
  • How much is it? Price range but everything is probably sub- $300 / £300 / AU$500

Moto G8 release date and price

While we haven't heard anything about the Moto G8 series by release date or price, we didn't expect it to change depending on the Moto G7 range or any of the previous Moto G units.

This means we expect to see phones launch in early 2020, possibly in February to build up to the Mobile World Congress, the annual phones and tech show in Barcelona, ​​Spain. That's when we saw the launch of the G7 series.

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Moto G phone usually launch in a number of variants – in 2019 the devices consist of moto g7, G7 play, G7 strength и G7 Plus, and there will likely be similar options in 2020.

These devices launched in the price range of $200 / £149 / AU$270 for the Moto G7 to play at £269 / AU$499 (about $325, but not released in the US) for the Moto G7 Plus.

Moto G8 pricing likely reflects the G7 range, which has since seen price cuts and offers, but we'll have to wait until the phone's launch for any firm pricing.

Moto G8 leaks, rumors and news

The only leaks specifically attached to the Moto G8 and the Moto G8 Plus suggest that the G8 Plus will have a Snapdragon 655 chipset (which will be the updated Snapdragon 636 processor in the Moto G7 Plus) and that at least one of the phones will have three rear cameras.

There is no news on the specs of these cameras, but if true, that would mean one lens than what was found on the Moto G7 or G7 Plus, though still less than Motorola's single zoom.

Elsewhere, we've seen photos showing a Motorola phone with a pop single-lens camera, which is a first in the brand's history, but the images aren't related to the Moto G8, so it could be something else.

They are most likely real, though, as they line up with an earlier leaked press image. Moto phone no front camera – no pop-up camera is visible, but that's the most likely way this can be achieved, although it's also possible (but unlikely) that the device uses a sub-screen camera.

What we want to see in Moto G8

While we wait for the Moto G8 range of smartphones to launch, we've made a list of what we'd like to see flock of them.

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NFC on all devices

NFC is a really useful feature of modern smartphones used for features like contactless card payments and easy pairing of Bluetooth devices. Not all Moto G7 phones have NFC compatibility yet, which can be a hindrance for people who love using tech.

We would like to see NFC functionality available on all Moto G8 phones, from the pros of the model to the most affordable devices, and in all regions, and the availability of NFC on Motorola phones sometimes varies depending on the region.

Improved Camera Arrays

Save for the Moto G7 power, each of the Moto G7 phones has two rear cameras, which is fine for a budget phone, but now you can pick up affordable devices with three or even four rear snappers, so Motorola will have to upgrade its camera to keep an eye on the gauges. low.

The second camera on the G7 is a depth sensor to improve background blur in portrait shots, but we'd like to see perhaps a telephoto lens (used for optical zoom) or an ultra-wide-angle lens (with a large field of view for great selfies or panoramic shots) as well. can be very helpful in taking the big picture.

More specialized devices

The Moto Power G7 was a special member of the G7 family because of what it did "different": it had a lot more battery than the others. This specialization made the phone separate, so if a big battery was tempting to draw into a smartphone, you knew which model to pick up..

We'd like to see more phones that serve different specific purposes to give the G8 line even more variation. Perhaps we could see the device from the camera block, which is much better than the competition (think four lenses) or even the 21:9 device, which is the ratio of some phones (including Motorola one vision) to use because it's great for watching movies.

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