New Jaguar F-PACE facelift seen tested for 2020 release

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Jaguar is following up on a recently updated Xe with a similar upgrade to the F-PACE SUV, due to be unveiled early next year.

Disguised prototypes have already begun testing, with more coverage over the front suggesting noticeable changes to the front grille and headlights.

Changes to the taillights are barely visible through the disguise too, but like Xe most of the investment in the car's redesign will be focused on the inside, with an increase in perceived quality and technology.

The latter, admitted by many to be a weak spot in the current model compared to the German opposition, will be taken from the systems first, given their debut in i-knee. That means we can expect a stack of dual-center screens with a sleek display—multi-layered rotary dials—combined with larger, clearer infotainment screens and digital gauges.

A new steering wheel design will also be featured, while we can expect the rotary selector lever to be phased out in favor of a more traditional shape.

While changes to the chassis and running gear don't have to be extensive, a family of new mild-hybrid engines are on the cards. JLR's new in-line six-cylinder petrol will use more of the 48V tech, but earlier F-PACE samples with visible license plates reveal firm-is testing diesel-electric powertrains.

Land Rover has four-cylinder mild-hybrid diesels in the new Discovery Sport, but given that it now sits on a new platform, it's not clear if such powertrains can be fitted to the F-PACE. Another possibility is that JLR is working on a new mild-hybrid six-cylinder diesel engine.

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Commercial Director Felix hotel brautigam' Autocar confirmed at the Frankfurt Motor Show that both the F-Pace and XF were not lined up for an imminent update.

“In a world of very strong competitors, we take it seriously, as soon as we launch cars, we already know what we want to do differently,” told everyone that can be found. "So Yes, stay with us, because we constantly want to improve. There are a lot of new technologies, we want to roll out as quickly as possible.”

Design director Julian Thompson also said, “The feedback has been very positive for the XE facelift and they are in the initial phase of rolling out to 128 markets." Once the Xe rollout process has finished, the main focus will be on introducing the revised XF and F-Pace - but it's not yet clear which will be revealed first.


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