Microsoft develops liquid-filled hinges for foldable device surface

Microsoft's dual-screen device ambitions have been revealed in new patent, first noticed Windows United.

The company, which is reported to be unveiling a dual-screen surface device at a hardware event next month, appears to be developing a hinge that uses fluid to reduce stress on flexible and foldable displays. Liquid fills in the gaps around the flexible display to help it move around.

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The Microsoft patent shows an example of such a device with two sides and a flexible OLED display. The illustrations also show the complexity of the loop. Perhaps most interesting, however, is that a patent has been filed “about Microsoft Technology Licensing,” which suggests Microsoft can license its partners.

Keep in mind that Microsoft is currently working with several hardware manufacturers, and some of them are reportedly launching new dual-screen devices running Windows Lite next year. They will be differentiated from Microsoft's Surface-branded dual-screen device, codenamed Centauri, which will ostensibly serve as a flagship and will launch a wave of dual-screen and foldable tablet/laptop hybrids from partners.

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It's all very exciting, and this new patent makes us wish Microsoft's event in October will hurry up and get here. For more information about the event, including what we expect and how to watch, check out our guide HERE.

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