Audi threatened with additional Dieselgate fines in Germany

Germany's Transport Ministry tells Audi it must meet next week's deadline for new diesel software upgrades

The German Ministry of Transport has threatened to release Audi with additional fines if it doesn't meet the upcoming deadline for upgrading to manipulate diesel models with the new software, German media reported.

Bild am Sontag claims that sighted documents revealing the German Ministry of Transport issued Audi with an ultimatum regarding demand originally made in 2017 to rid diesels of so-called “cheat programs”.

He said to lay out conditions that could see the German automaker slapped with fines it doesn't have to meet the Sept. 26 deadline for retooling V6 and petrol V8 models with Euro 6 certification.

A modified measure aimed at bringing various Audi models up to the rule of law by adding software code that does not include manipulation measures that could lead to significantly higher emissions on the road than in test conditions.

As well as the threat of further fines, the German Transport Ministry has also informed Audi it will move ahead with plans to revoke type approval for insulting diesel models not upgraded before the deadline.

Audi says it's timeline to meet September 26th. “In September, and thus within the timeframe set by the German Ministry of Transport, we are documents for another 8200 funds,” he says.

All this, a total of 12,400 vehicles, which affects the term. Audi says it has an additional software solution for the remaining 4200 vehicles. “We don't see any reason to conclude a type approval,” he says. “The decision is inevitable; we will keep the deadline.”

In addition, Bild am Sontag reports Audi is facing potentially costly buyouts of older EU4 diesel models. There is simply nothing official, although he cites sources, suggesting the models in question cannot be legal only through the measures of the program, but require significant technical re-equipment of the equipment.

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