Daedalic sees 5th gen host again Unovіy Pokémon will be released into the wild

Blow the dust off that Pokedex, Trainers - Innovate the Pokemon realm for Pokemon to go, expanding the list of creatures available to fight, catch, and play.

As of 1 pm PT / 4 pm ET / 9 pm BST on September 16th, players are starting to encounter new Pokémon. For those who have played the Pokémon Black and White games on Nintendo 3ds, or their 2 Black and White 2 sequels, the inclusion of Pokémon from the Unovia region - where these games are installed - should bring some much appreciated color to your party.

You can watch the Pokémon Unions release trailer below, which features three black and white starters and evolutions, as well as many additional Pokémon-specific Unions such as Blitzle, Seismitoad, and Drilbur. We said more Pokémon will be coming "in the coming weeks and months" too.

The new Pokémon came at a big time for Nyantic, whose success of the Ar mobile game led to the Pokémon Master title, also for mobile devices, as well as the Harry Potter spin-off game.

While some may be surprised that the AR game is still going strong, big changes like this will be sure to attract new players while giving current Pokémon trainers something fresh to contend with.

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