Facebook and Ray-Ban may be cooperation in AR smart glasses

Would you buy Facebook smart glasses? The social media giant seems to be betting on it, with a new report on American television channel CNBC indicates ambitious plans for AR wearables in the coming years.

The Orion company, smart glasses, is being prepared as a replacement for smartphones. With functionality that includes making and receiving calls, video streaming video to the internet, and using AR overlays to display information, according to the owner, there's certainly plenty to keep the user busy.

These claims come from "people familiar" with the device in question, who also stated that Facebook has already made a deal with ray ban parent company Luxottica, in order to provide a smart glasses form factor that people really want to wear.

Given Ray-Ban's reputation for stylish sunglasses with classic designs, the collaboration could very well be what keeps the product from falling off at launch.

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Looking for smart

It's no surprise that Facebook needs help given the usual design complaints for smart glasses ads - whether it's Google glass, Microsoft's HoloLens already 2, or even the rounded Snapchat in glasses 2. Obviously the glasses are mostly looking for, but so far they look pretty. Attractive, too, AR glasses are unlikely to catch on in the mainstream market – which is why there's a lot of buzz around this magic jump one AR earpiece around its looks.

We reported earlier this year on the speculation surrounding Facebook's hardware plans, though there has been no official word on features, pricing and most likely a release date for anything Facebook is working on in this area.

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However, as with anything in product development, even reliable information can become redundant as Facebook's own plans change.

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