Huawei could push the Google Play store to pair the 30 series night - if we are banned from trading elevators

If the US lifts the ban, Huawei could push the Google Play store to pair 30 devices overnight. This is according to the company's CEO Richard Yu, who made the announcement during a briefing following the launch of the Mate 30 series phones.

The phones are sure to arrive in Europe - though we don't yet know when or how we previously reported that they fundamentally don't have Google for mobile services or the Google Play store, including apps like Gmail and Google Maps.

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When asked about how long it might take to play the app store appears on the handset if the ban was lifted, Yu replied instantly “overnight. We can do it immediately." The company will likely have to implement the EMUI 10 update in order to do so.

Yu continued: 'We are planning [sales] in European countries even without GMS core [Google mobile services] we will still want to allow the user to do it themselves.

"Of course, we plan to bring our non-GMS phones to [European] countries, the Middle East and other places, because consumers love our products and we need to continue our business."

Yu It was also clear that Huawei had a great partner in Google to demonstrate the stupidity of this ban. “In recent years, we have [made] great contributions to the Android ecosystem, leading innovation. We were the first to bring gesture operations to Android. To be honest, it's not reasonable [for a ban]."

It's certainly true that Huawei and Google have a strong relationship - not if Huawei was on the fringes of the Android ecosystem. Huawei made the 2015 Nexus 6r in collaboration with Google and it was reported that Huawei would make pixel phones , were it not for the fact that Google wanted them exclusively branded.

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As we reported earlier, Huawei is also planning to open the bootloader for Mate 30 devices so that users can install the new version of Android if they want. Huawei's bootloader has been closed for a while now.

“We are limited because we wanted to guarantee more security,” Yu said. “We plan that consumers can do some settings on their own and download some apps they need, especially us with apps.”

Presumably if the release date outside of China is a bit far away, the bootloader could be unlocked on all Chinese phones.

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