Fortnite season 11 is now available to get a brand new map

Now Fortnite season 10 is coming to an end, which means now Fortnite season 11 is just around the corner. While we're waiting for a new battle to pass, gameplay changes and even the introduction of bots to Battle Mode, it looks like we've got a whole new map to look forward to.

And now the Fortnite leak page on Twitter recently posted a list of 10 locations found in the now Fortnite game files (via the Eurogamer website) that suggest we'll be seeing a new map in the future (or at least massive changes to the current software).

Check out the tweet below:

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Much needed change

It's about time Fortnite got a new map - despite the many changes we've been landing on the island of the same name for over two years.

As long as this leak is not like his own, combined with another loading screen leak showing images of characters waving the battle bus, evidence for a new map is starting to pile up.

Epic Games isn't confirmed if we will, in fact, move to a new location in the Fortnite 11 season now, but we expect big changes to be on the way, regardless.

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