New Cupra Leon ST hot property seen ahead of 2020 launch

Leon Cupra ST spyshots The St. Leon replant will be offered next year as part of a separate Cupra series, taking over the Ford Focus ST property

Cupra will be launching a high-performance version of the next-generation Seat Leon ST, with prototypes in the performance property now hitting the roads.

The hot load Lugger, marketed in its current generation as the Seat Leon Cupra ST, will fully switch to the Cupra performance arm when it launches towards the end of next year.

We've seen the Cupra Leon hatchback a few times before, but this is our first glimpse into the booted variant, confirming that the Ford Focus ST rival will feature a different body style. While the usual picture of the camp still lies, we see Cupra's tell-tale signs, including a deeper front end, a lower stance, big wheel-hide brakes, and quad exhaust pipes.

The powertrain will be shared with the Leon Cupra hot hatch, supposed to use a variation of the familiar VW group's EA888 2,0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine. In the Cupra Atec, that unit puts out 296bhp and 295lb ft - expect similar power levels for the Leon.

All-wheel drive is expected to feature on this model, but it's not yet known if the Cupra will bring back cheaper, less powered and front-wheel drive examples we've seen in the last Leon Cupra seat, or whether the VW group is looking to leave that market area for the MK8 Golf GTI, and next year.

What we do know is that the Cupra will feature unique decals, bespoke interior trim and a stiffer suspension setup. That will be coupled with an adaptive damping system and some sort of torque vectoring feature to ensure the power is put down smoothly. Further details of the new Cupra model family will arrive next year.

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