G Mavic Mini Drone Leaks Thanks To FCC File

While we've seen some fabulous Osmo launchers this year, Gee has been relatively quiet on the buzz up front since announcing the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom last year. What can change from FCC filings on what is called the Mavic mini has now been made public.

We first heard about the Mavic Mini in August when a Chinese patent application for a new pint helicopter was revealed. At one time, images of consumer-grade drones were leaked, resembling a mush between Gee Sparks and the Mavic Air set drone community is buzzing.

The speculation is to put the Mavic mini at $399 (around £327 / AU$593). If true, that would make it cheaper than the launch price of the spark, which carried a price tag of $499 / £519 / AU$859 when it arrived in 2017.

The main difference here is the ability to add 4K video capture, which the spark was missing.

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More than just mini updates

While Sparks is still one of the best entry-level drones you can buy, it's over two years old and could do with a fresh coat of paint that the Mavic Mini can provide.

Where the spark couldn't fold into a small package, the Mavic Mini will reportedly have folding propellers like its older Mavic siblings. There are also rumors that the Mavic Mini measures 270mm diagonally when unfolded and weighs only 250g.

If true, this would mean that you do not have to register it with the air safety authorities in your country. In the US and Australia, at least drones weighing 250g or less do not need to be registered with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Casa) respectively.

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Gee owns a majority stake in the camera company Hasselblad, explaining how it was possible for the Mavic 2 Pro to boast a superb snapper. However, that came at a steep price. If the Mavic Mini is priced at $399, chances are we won't see any Hasselblad technology here.

That said, it would be fair to expect a 12MP sensor (analogous to Sparkle) with 4K/30p video recording capability under the hood.

The all-important battery remains a mystery, but if the Mavic Mini is a plug replacement, then about 18 minutes of flight time is what you should expect. Anything more from a pint of multicopter would be a huge bonus for users and a major achievement for DJI.

With the filing of the FCC available to the public, it's safe to say the launch announcement is coming soon. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if it arrived on time for the Christmas shopping period.

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