for iPhone SE 2 and Apple AR headset landing in 2020, analyst said

Last month, we reported that the iPhone GP successor could be released in early 2020. Now, reports that Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is that sweet for the iPhone se forecasting action, with his latest Chinese-language report that everything is the same as reported 9to5Google website.

Along with Apple's second generation mini handset, Kuo had a couple of additional 2020-based forecasts, predicting the arrival of a long-rumored new iPad Pro and Apple's AR headset for good measure.

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As in previous reports, the iPhone GP 2 is expected to be similar in design and hardware specifications to the 2017 iPhone 8, only with the updated A13 Bionic chipset found in the iPhone 11 instead of the A11 Bionic, and will likely be released somewhere. then in the 1st quarter of 2020.

As for the new iPad Pro, Kuo believes it will drop in the first quarter of next year, sporting a rear 3D time-of-flight (TOF) camera sensor for increased accuracy in depth-of-field photography and (presumably) for use with augmented reality.

Speaking of augmented reality, Kuo also believes that the hotly anticipated Apple AR glasses could be unveiled next year, with the analyst predicting a Q2020 13 release. Kuo projection comes only a month after the Apple AR headset was seemingly leaked in iOS XNUMX code.

As always, it's best to take any analyst's report on the future of tech products with a grain of salt. However, it is worth noting that Kuo's predictions will come true in the past.

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