Hola, Alexa: You can now switch between languages ​​when using Alexa

Amazon recently announced a multilingual mode for its Alexa devices in the US, Canada and India. Now that function rolls out.

Thanks to the new multilingual mode, Alexa can now switch between English and Spanish for US announcers, allowing both Echo and Alexa devices to easily switch between English and Spanish. Plus, other multilingual modes for Canada and India (French and Hindi, with English) are now rolling out. Alexa can also be set to various languages ​​using the Alexa Settings app.

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Not only does Alex make new accents, but also local knowledge and hundreds of skills in multiple languages, including Spanish for Univision and Telemundo. Thanks to the multilingual mode, Amazon speaks, in addition, developers can now build skills, in particular Spanish.

To use Alexa in Spanish mode, simply switch to “Spanish (Estados Unidos)” in the Alexa app. Then you can say any command, usually in English, like asking for news or controlling your smart home devices, setting reminders and startup skills. However, in multilingual mode, you can ask Alexa in English for a news item and she will respond in English. Then, you can speak Spanish and she will respond in Spanish.

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This is convenient for multilingual families. Amazon has said that Amazon music fans in the US will even be able to ask Latin American music playlists in Spanish.

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