Canon EOS 5D Mark V and Eos R Mark II appear in the company's internal roadmap

We've been hearing rumors about ditching the Canon EOS 7D half-frame DSLR opting for a mirrorless version for a while now, and it seems like that could happen. A word-of-mouth camera alluding to the EOS R Mark II appear on a canon document of the internal roadmap.

But that's not all,. The source told canon rumors that this paper also indicated the EOS 5D Mark V, although no roadmap schedule was provided.

Lots of buzz around the possible arrival of the EOS 1D Mark III X in early 2020, with a possible update to the very popular EOS 5D Mark IV sure to please Canon with full-frame DSLR shooters.

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Canon did well to prove that DSLRs aren't dead in the water with the recent release of the EOS 90D, although this new snapper is designed with an APS-C sensor rather than a full frame one.

And if Canon is sure to want to update the 5D line, then it's not too soon. The fourth iteration of the EOS 5D was launched in August 2016, making it just over three years old. However, it's still one of the best full frame cameras out there right now. But with the right 4K video limited, and only 7fps burst speed, its age is definitely showing itself.

At this point, though, we don't have a single clue what the internal specifications of the 5D Mark V will be, but we'll be sure to keep our virtual eyes and ears open.

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