Pixel 4 doesn't get feature-packed PSM text messaging Google pushed to

The new Pixel 4 phones may be loaded with the latest features and software taken care of by our 10, but Google is apparently still struggling in its push for rich service communication (DOS) messaging systems.

Neither Verizon nor T-Mobile support the new messaging standard for the Pixel 4, with Sprint clearly the only carrier to serve it. 9to5Google website reports.

SMS has been the standard for text messaging for a long time, but as far as features go, SMS from a smartphone is a stone age. Chat apps like WhatsApp and iMessage have an ever growing set of features that stack on top of the ability to send simple text messages. They include reading, typing scores and quality media.

Google has pushed for RVS, looking for carriers to use the system, as it has many of the features of other messaging apps while still outliving carriers. He was even directed to use his own server for this, in order to eliminate the intermediary carrier.

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Playing by carriers

There are several reasons why RVS can't be here. For example, Google Pixel phones have not previously been widely available from mobile carriers in the US. Verizon was the only carrier partner for all Pixel phones up to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a.

So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that T-Mobile and Verizon don't support RCS on Pixel 4 yet. This makes the system's sprint support stand out a bit.

Strangest of all is the lack of Verizon support. Verizon previously allowed RBC messages on Pixel 3 phones, but that didn't come at the phone's launch. Verizon has also added support for the Samsung Galaxy S9. It's possible support will come at a later date for Verizon, and it might for T-Mobile as well.

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AT&T's use of RBC for the Pixel 4 may be more likely, as the carrier has its own advanced messaging service that offers a similar feature set.

So, for Pixel 4 users and Android users in general who want to take advantage of the program's feature, it might be time to take a look at some other messaging apps.

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