Car Confidential: Renault brushes off electric rivals, practical thinking for Audi RS6 and more

Renault Zoe Our reporters drive blank notebooks for a week into gossip from all over the automotive industry.

This week round up tech gossip, we chat EMU with Renault, get the inside story on Audi's first RS tow hook, talk Honda e sales plans and more.

Renault didn't fuss over Peugeot and Volkswagen

Renault's joint managing director, Olivier Merguet, hailed the launch of an electric model from rivals such as Peugeot and Volkswagen as positive news because "it will help instill confidence in electric vehicles for the consumer." Merguet said Renault wasn't afraid of these thefts of customer cars from Zoya, arguing that the firm's long-standing experience gives it an advantage in the market.

What kind of performance car does Audi need... a tow hook?

Audi Sport's brief on the recently launched RS6 Avant was to improve performance without sacrificing its practicality as a real estate – so they added a tow hook, a first in performance arm. Designer Francesco D'Amor said: "It doesn't improve driving dynamics, but it's good for everyday life."

Honda e demand in the UK

The UK will be among the four biggest markets in Europe for the upcoming Honda E when it hits the roads next summer. UK head of sales Phil Webb said there are currently 364 E bookings in the UK and hopes for its first full year of sales in 2021 to be “at least four figures”.


Hyundai has opened its hydrogen fuel cell business with the goal of commercializing its technology to all interested parties, including competing automakers. Hydrogen firms boss, Dr Sae-Hoon Kim, signed a technology partner agreement with Audi last year and revealed: “We are open to any collaboration, in automotive, delivery, flight or wherever there is a need for power or backup power. If we get the data, we can move faster.”

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