Best electric and concept cars at Tokyo Motor Show 2019: Lexus, LF-30, Nissan Ariyah, Toyota LK and more

Every two years, Japan's premier auto show hits Tokyo, revealing all kinds of weird and wonderful cars and concepts. Nothing has changed for 2019, with an expected mix of electric vehicles (EVS) and SUVs to the fore, including a few surprises.

Key to Lexus' announcements is the first all-electric, in concept form, along with what to expect from Nissan, Toyota, Mazda and others. Here's the inside story at the Tokyo Motor Show 2019, with each vehicle having its own scrollable gallery page to give you every angle available…

Lexus LF-30 concept electric car

As luxury Japanese brands Rolls are on their 30th anniversary, it's time for something bold and new. The LF-30 embodies Lexus' current dynamic design language, taking it to the extreme, very wrapped up in the company's first all-electric car.

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This is just a concept, of course, so you won't see this dramatic design rolling down the road anytime soon. But given how LF-LNR concepts aren't a million miles away from the final LC500 civilian car, we can expect that when the LF-30 becomes a reality, that some of its bolder form will make the final cut - gull-wing doors, for example.

What we're perhaps more excited about is how Lexus has completely rethought its tech setup. This is an exciting cockpit with automation, all sorts of touch controls and ideas. Moreover, no adjustment is inconvenient which is currently the line of this brand.

Ariyah Nissan Concept

The name sounds more like Game of Thronesbut you don't see one of those futuristic all-electric SUVs plodding into Winterfell. Indeed, you won't see it anywhere, as it's only a concept stage at the moment.

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That said, as the Ariyah is built on an all-new EV platform, equipped with dual-motor all-wheel drive, and a completely flat floor the entire length of where the battery resides, so obviously spells Nissan's future intentions.

We don't think the design is too far-fetched either, with what Nissan calls its "vision" design language, complete with digital decor. Expect ProPilot Automated Driving 2.0 and other safety features to match futuristic features with a dashing exterior design.

Mazda MX-30

The first mass-produced Japanese company produced an EV called the MX-30. And through a probably lost in translation Quip at a press conference in Tokyo, his "concept of a man" with "laying based on a turtle." Considering it looks great in front of the nose, we see that though.

In any case, the car has an electric motor running on the front wheels, which has been designed so that a rotary engine can bolt on to it - which means hybrid models should also be possible for their respective markets. This is a dynamic platform.

From a design standpoint, using suicide doors to the rear is an interesting choice. And as rear passengers won't be able to leave without the appropriate front door being opened, it might be more of a gimmick than a great one.

Concepts are though, so expect to see the MX-30 on European roads by 2020.

Toyota LC Concept

On the road version of the Concept-I 2017, the model will be used in support of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

While its striking exterior is hard to ignore, it's actually the interior quality that's most interesting. With its ability to interact with the cloud infrastructure, the artificial intelligence agent named Yui wants to be your friend.

Yui understands not only the words, but the accent, in order to read and evaluate your emotions for a more emotional interaction. His said to understand the feelings and voice of organic interaction.

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Mitsubishi Mi-Trail Concept

This concept won't look out of place on Mars, it's all huge wheels and space-buggy style. If all those wheels are too big, raising too much sharp body lines and additional focal points due to the lack of any doors.

There are some interesting quirks though, with the KEU running four motors - one for each wheel. What should give it precision is all-wheel drive, just as the Lexus LF-30 (see above) offers independent wheels and suspension adjustments.

This one will definitely remain a concept. But it shows that Mitsubishi isn't afraid to think outside the box, huh?

Nissan IMC Concept

Less attractive to Western eyes, this electric vehicle concept (BEV) is more likely to go down a storm in the east - think China and native Japan.

This is a rental car city that, like Ariyah, has a completely flat floor. Only at the IMC, though, it comes with heaps of shag rugs and sun loungers, making this mini suburban EV sound rather chilled.

It's just a concept now, but it's clear that the foundation for the market that Nissan wants to tackle.

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