Ford to unveil its Mustang-style electric crossover next month

Ford has announced when it will bring its first electric car to the masses.

An SUV-based Mustang was first announced in January 2018 Now, Ford announces it will be presented on November 17th. Little is known about the car, as Ford has said it will be inspired by his classic muscle car and that it can go an EPA-estimated range of 300 miles on a full charge. Oops, this is a new Mach 1, although recent rumors suggest it will be called Mach E.

According to CNBC channel, the car order will start immediately after SUV discovery during a private event. It will also be at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Its already seen during testing and there were rumors about its cost of about $50 in the US. That's supposedly the starting price, it's expected to be available in short and long-term options, as well as rear or all-wheel drive. Add it all up, and the Mach 1 (or Mach e) will clearly be the hallmark of the Ford EV. Remember, the automaker plans to launch an entire fleet of EMUs by 2022.

In all, there should be 40 all-electric and hybrid vehicles for all Ford markets in the next three years. The company spent $11 billion on 2018 announcement efforts, and even planning electric F-150.


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