How to choose the right urban backpack

Stylish backpacks have firmly entered the everyday life of a modern man. Long gone are the days when this paraphernalia belonged only to tourists and travelers. This is not only stylish, but also a very handy accessory that leaves your hands free. The entire load is evenly distributed in the back area, so its heaviness is practically not felt. Let's talk about how to choose a men's backpack.

First of all, the accessory reflects the degree of physical activity of a person and his taste preferences. For active people who enjoy jogging or cycling to work, a bicycle accessory is perfect. It is small in size and fits snugly to the back, not shifting during movement.

For fans of short trips to nature, a small product for walking in the mountains is suitable. This men's backpack ideal for use in the city. It has a place for a laptop, business papers and mobile gadgets. Moreover, each thing will definitely have its place.

Gym regulars should pay attention to models with a large compartment isolated from others. These backpacks are ideal for sportswear and shoes.


This is the main difference between urban backpacks and the usual tourist ones. In the city, you do not need to carry a supply of water and food, as well as equipment for organizing an overnight stay. For this reason, the maximum capacity of a city backpack is 30 liters. This volume is quite enough to accommodate things needed throughout the day.

Internal equipment

Many modern men carry with them not only a mobile phone, but also a whole arsenal of gadgets. Therefore, it is desirable that the backpack has a special compartment for a laptop. When choosing, you should consider the size of the gadget. This compartment is located in the back of the product - this is the easiest way to ensure the safety of computer equipment. Ideal if the product is equipped with protective devices so that the laptop is not accidentally damaged.

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The organizer allows you to distribute things in such a way that each of them is in its place. For pens, pencils, keys and diaries should be placed in separate holders or pockets. Side pockets are handy for holding a thermos or water bottle. If you take a snack with you, it is useful to have a special compartment with a thermos effect. These useful little things should not be missed, because they are what make the backpack indispensable for every day.

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