New NVIDIA Shield TVs Spotted on Best Buy Store Shelves Before Announcement

NVIDIA is apparently preparing two different TV device shields and a new remote, as seen in leaks on Amazon and Newegg. More recently, they were seen on the very shelves of stores.

Which is better to buy places have been seen Selling a new shield and shield TV TV pro (via the 9to5Google website) ahead of its actual debut. These yet-to-be-announced streaming media players are expected to debut on October 28th. Photos of the new TV screen have been posted on Reddit, so we've been able to confirm many of the device's specs and features that have already been leaked online.

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Shield TV Pro looks like a shield TV from 2017. Even the specs are similar, as the new model will offer 16GB of flash storage and 3GB of RAM. The biggest changes will be the processor and the new remote control, which has a fresh design, motion-activated backlit buttons, a built-in remote control locator, and other buttons for media control, including customizable menu buttons.

The Shield TV Pro also supports Dolby HDR Vision, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos, and something Nvidia has called "eye upscaling" - which is supposed to offer "sharper, clearer, they're upscaled to 4K resolution in real time." It will reportedly cost $199.99 when it's released later this month. As for the rest of the TV screen, which has a cylindrical design, it should support 4K with Dolby Vision technology as well.

It's also a package with HDMI, microSD and ethernet. We suspect that all of these details will become official next week, when Nivdia's events are rumored.

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