Varieties and cost of energy-saving lamps

Incandescent lamps used to be considered popular sources of lighting - now they are rarely needed. This is due to the fact that they consume a lot of electricity and fail too quickly. Such devices are cheap, but you have to buy them quite often. For this reason, users began to look for - and soon found - alternative, more profitable, practical and easy-to-use options.

Energy-saving lamps got this name because they work with minimal electricity consumption. This makes them extremely easy to use. Buyers are alarmed by the high cost of such devices, but it is enough to estimate the costs of its use and the use of incandescent lamps. The result is clear - in the first case, much less money will be spent.

Varieties of energy-saving light bulbs

When buying such a device, you need to make sure that, in terms of its characteristics and operating parameters, it is suitable for specific purposes. By design, this is a standard light source containing a phosphor, also called fluorescent. Near the base of the case, next to the base, is the power supply. The following types of devices are on the market:

  • in shape - spiral, in the form of a circle, horseshoe, square;
  • with different types of socles - you need to ask about their sizes in order to understand whether the model is suitable for a particular lamp;
  • with pear-shaped flasks, in the form of a ball or candle;
  • dimmable or dimmable.

If you want to switch from energy-saving lamps to LEDs, it can be difficult. A fairly common problem when, with the same type of base, a decrease in power is possible.

How to choose the right energy-saving lamps

Before buying a device, you need to clarify the characteristics and understand its operating parameters. In particular, among them the most important are:

  • rated power, or electricity consumption;
  • power factor, ratio of reactive and active;
  • luminous flux and brightness of the light source;
  • color temperature and color rendering index;
  • ignition and warm-up time.
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You also need to ask about the number of hours, on and off cycles, for which the light bulb is designed. In the online store Evrosvet You can choose the most suitable option according to the assortment and the help of specialists.

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