Windows 10X leak shows it's not just for dual-screen devices - it will work on traditional laptops too

Windows 10X, Microsoft's spin on its desktop operating system, which was recently shown on Surface OSS, and has been created and optimized for such a dual-screen device, will apparently come to traditional laptops as well.

This revelation comes from leaked Microsoft documents that go into significant detail on Windows 10x and how it will work, as spotted by WalkingCat (the real source of the Microsoft Twitter leak).

Papers were yanked down, no surprise, but not before MS power users (and others across the web) managed to grab and publish the content.

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As mentioned, one of the biggest revelations is that Windows 10X (also known by the codename Santorini) is not only designed for dual-screen devices, but will also be coming with traditional (clamshell) laptops in the future.

As such, the documentation explains that the OS will adapt to the device that is used for both clamshell and foldable (dual screen) laptops, will be the same basic model from the Windows taskbar, but it will be modifiable based on a series of "levers".

In other words, you'll be able to have a taskbar that aligns to the left of content on a traditional laptop, or align to the center on a dual-screen device. Either the position of the Task View icon will be next to the Start button, or to the far right, with various other variables determined by the specified levers (like taskbar dividers or not).

Convenience first

More broadly, the idea behind windows 10 is an operating system that "melts into the background" so that everything works seamlessly and the OS puts the things you most need front and center to be easily accessible.

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This means the program is there to help you fire up everything you need quickly, as well as resuming whatever tasks you could previously work on short notice.

This booster will include a search feature that allows you to find not only the correct files on your device, but the apps you're after, as well as integrated results, and an app table that's customizable and tailored to user preferences.

Recommended content will also dynamically pop up based on the apps, files and websites you've visited most often (or recently). You will also be able to group apps into folders by stacking them together, so convenience is a lot, that's the slogan.

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