Review: A reborn Elan could ride in a new era for Lotus

Elan badge The revival of Elan plays to the strengths of the company in creating the chassis and the famous Elan brand name. With her, by the way, in the future the lotus looks bright

It's hard to think of a good reason why Lotus didn't bring back Elan, that with the charm of that great name and the ambition of Geely-LED Management, which among other assets has access to the enticing Volvo/Geely/Link&Co collection and chassis.

Brother with Lotus has already conquered many of the problems that might discourage others from thinking of a lowish-volume roadster for global sale.

As well as access to major components, Lotus already knows which chassis to use. He has an enviable understanding of bonded riveted aluminum structures and has even put in a big problem lately in smashing the system, as shown by Alice: inconvenient entry and exit. Wide doors and low sills are now fairly easy to provide.

Lotus lovers - and long-suffering company dealers will hear this news (if there is news) and welcome to the future. It is very difficult to come up with five words in the Lotus language that could have a more beneficial effect on business than these: “they will return to Yelan.”


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