27 Healthy Pressure Cooker Meals (Easy Recipes)

Do you want to be able to provide healthy meals on weekday evenings but feel like it just takes too long? This is where pressure cooker dishes come to the rescue! An electric pressure cooker is like an instant pot, you can cook meals much faster than on the stove or in the oven. You simply set the time and let it do its thing while you do yours until you hear a beep. Taking advantage of these time-saving devices to provide healthy meals is easy, but it's hard to know where to start searching through all the recipes online. It will take forever to browse around and find what you want to do. Let's get you started with 27 easy recipes for healthy pressure cooker meals you can make this week - along with some information about why they're healthy to motivate you to make them.

1. Chipotle Burrito Bowl

Not only is this recipe incredibly delicious, but it shows you how to use the pot-to-pot pressure cooker method to make rice and beans at the same time. This way you can taste them in different ways, and share from each section of the burrito bowl for a great lunch. Check out the recipe here!

2. Maple Bourbon Chile

Adding sweet potatoes and drizzling with maple syrup and bourbon takes the already delicious chili to the next level. This one is also vegetarian, so it's free of cholesterol and saturated fat, and beans bring cholesterol-lowering fiber and homocysteine-lowering folic acid for cardiovascular health. Check out the recipe here!

3. Butternut Squash And Sage Risotto

Risotto is so luxuriously creamy and rich, but the traditional method takes time and constant stirring. Making it in your pressure cooker means you can set it for five minutes and let it go your way. This recipe pairs slightly sweet butternut squash and earthy sage for the perfect fall meal. Check out the recipe here!

4. Lentil Stew

Lentils make the perfect stand for minced meat in this hearty and flavorful stew. They are a good source of folic acid, iron, B vitamins, and fiber - all of which will help contribute to your energy levels and heart health. Check out the recipe here!

5. Moroccan winter squash and tagine with chickpeas

An easier take on a traditionally sautéed North African dish, this veggie tagine is made from a quick pressure cooker. Light pickled raisins sounds like an exciting taste boost to try! Check out the recipe here!

6. Chickpea Bolognese Spaghetti Squash

Substitute meat for protein and mineral rich chickpeas, and thin for vitamin rich gluten free spaghetti squash! Cooking spaghetti squash in a pressure cooker cuts down on baking time, so you have this delicious and nutritious dish on the table quickly enough to enjoy even on a weeknight. Check out the recipe here!

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7. Lasagna Soup

All the delicious comfort of lasagna, but like a pot, you can make it quickly in a pressure cooker. Richa gives helpful advice because pasta times can vary, look at the time on the package you are using and divide by two to get the time you should set on the pressure cooker. Check out the recipe here!

8. Cranberry Seed Pumpkin Quinoa Salad

Learn how to make perfectly cooked quinoa in the pressure cooker with this helpful video, then toss it into a delicious salad that you can pack for lunches on the go. Check out the recipe here!

9. Thai Coconut Chickpea Stew

Fragrant, creamy, protein-rich soup with five main ingredients, and ready in twenty-three minutes. Perfect for a weeknight, with enough leftovers to take to lunch the next day. Check out the recipe here!

10. Pasta Puttanesca

Making pasta in a pressure cooker is quick and easy, and perfectly flavorful here, with capers, olives, and tomato sauce. Including crushed red peppers gives a little kick of spice, and also works as a little appetite suppressant, so you'll be less likely to overeat this delicious dish. Check out the recipe here!

11. Butternut Squash Soup

This gorgeous golden soup is loaded with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory carotenoids. It's milk-free, gluten-free, and oil-free - but don't skimp on the taste! The addition of Granny Smith apples is brilliant to add depth of flavor and bring out the natural sweetness of the nut butter. It has a bit of a kick to a little curry powder, and if you wanted to appeal to younger taste buds, you could leave this out and it's sure to be a hit. Check out the recipe here!

12. Minestrone Soup

Minestrone is a great example of eating healthy at the same time. This usually takes a long time to cook the potatoes, but in a pressure cooker, this is done in no time. Packed with vegetables, beans and pasta, this is a fully balanced meal in a bowl. Check out the recipe here!

13. Chana Masala

Using an authentic blend of Indian spices, and perfectly steamed chickpeas, you can create your own restaurant-level Chana Masala at home! Spices like ginger and turmeric are anti-inflammatory, and cumin can help blood pressure, cholesterol, and balance sugar. Check out the recipe here!

14. Quinoa Plov

Pair protein-rich quinoa with anti-inflammatory turmeric along with a bunch of veggies that you have on hand and turn it into a delicious healthy meal in 20 minutes. This is proof that simple and healthy food certainly doesn't have to be boring! Check out the recipe here!

15. Cajun Red Beans with Sausage

Pour in the Cajun beans and vegetables, then toss in some vegan sausage if you like. It's perfect for batch cooking, serving meals throughout the week or freezing for later so you don't have to resort to take out on those hectic days. Check out the recipe here!

16. Cuban Black Beans and Rice

Soft cooked black beans and rice seasoned with garlic, onion, cumin and topped with a light salsa of fresh lime juice, avocado, tomato, red onion seems like an absolutely perfect meal. Not only delicious, but you get thirty percent of your daily protein needs in one serving. Check out the recipe here!

17. Creamy Vegetable Soup

This soup has a whole bunch of vegetables packed for maximum nutritional power, including cauliflower, which is loaded with cancer-fighting compounds. In the end, you stir in the cashew cream to create a rich creamy broth without any dairy. Check out the recipe here!

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18. Chick stew N

Go step beyond chicken soup by adding all sorts of vegetables and chickpeas for a hearty and nutritious soup. It's so easy to assemble: just put everything in the pressure cooker, set the time, and then add the spinach just before serving. Check out the recipe here!

19. Pea Soup

Pea soup is so rich and filling, and usually takes a long time to cook on the stovetop, so it's perfect for speeding up in a pressure cooker. This recipe uses all the classic flavors of pea soup, but replaces the saturated fat and nitrates of lard with a dash of liquid smoke. Crumbles smoky tempeh into perfect cylinders, and if you don't make your own, you could just use bacon tempeh. Check out the recipe here!

20. Thai Peanut Lentil Soup

Peanut butter adds such a full, rich flavor to this soup, packets and so many vegetables to get you all sorts of nutrients. It's gluten-free, oil-free, vegan, uses one pressure cooker pot, and cooks in just thirty minutes. Check out the recipe here!

21. Portobello Roast

With zero cholesterol and saturated fat, it makes a healthy hearty meal option - all made in a pressure cooker for a quick meal with minimal cleanup! Check out the recipe here!

22. Three Sisters Soup

The three sisters are a native American trinity of corn, beans and squash that were planted together because they were mutually beneficial as they grew. This soup brings them along with the lovely flavors of sage and chili powder ancho. Check out the recipe here!

23. Indo Chinese Corn Soup

Indo Chinese Cuisine Chinese recipes are adapted to Indian tastes, so this hearty soup is flavored with toasted sesame oil, cumin and ginger. It's thick enough that, as Christina says, you could enjoy it with rice for lunch the next day. Although corn has not always been thought of as a healthy diet, it is a good source of B vitamins and iron for energy, as well as zinc and selenium for the immune system. Check out the recipe here!

24. Goulash

A bit like the building blocks of minestrone, but with paprika, this Hungarian soup is a nutritious, healthy and delicious dinner the whole family is sure to love. This recipe replaces cholesterol-free, high-fiber meat with lentils for a heart-healthy version. Check out the recipe here!

25. Indonesian Black Rice Pudding

It's so healthy but also so delicious it can double as breakfast and dessert! With just three ingredients, it's simple to make and cooks much faster in a pressure cooker than on the stovetop. As Cathy points out, the black color of rice indicates that it has the same powerful antioxidants as blueberries. Check out the recipe here!

26. Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

All you need are three ingredients and two minutes of high pressure to make this delicious and protein-packed breakfast bowl. He makes four servings, so you can have a portion of it for the week ahead. Top with maple syrup, nuts, and almond milk for a full-on job. Check out the recipe here!

27. Sugar, Apple Oils

It's so easy to make, and with the sweetness coming from natural sugars from apples and dates, you can't go wrong! A great dish to make in a big batch after going through the apple picking so you can enjoy it all winter long. Spread on a bagel round on top of your oatmeal or pancakes, or have a small bowl for an appetizer and a healthy dessert. Check out the recipe here! So there are no excuses left that now you have 27 easy recipes, you can start making healthy dishes in a pressure cooker. The beauty of healthy food is ready to go in what it does, which is much less tempting. And the magic of electric pressure cookers is that you can set it up and forget it while you relax after work and come back when you hear the beep to make the dish good. For easier pressure cooker recipes to explore, check out 17 Power Pressure Cooker Recipes for Rushed Weeknight Meals.

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