Construction of a lucid engine plant will begin in the US

The construction of the 1.8-Acri facility in Casa Grande has begun

Electric luxury sedan launch takes step closer to production as construction of $700 factory gets underway

Construction of a plant for electric vehicle launch of conscious motors has begun in Arizona, USA.

Final approval for a $700m (£546m) facility, in the small town of Casa Grande, was granted last month. Sit on land that the conscious will lease from the local county for $1,8m (£1,4m) a year, with the option to purchase it after the fifth year. Although the site has almost 500 acres, the original building will only cover 1,8 hectares.

As many as 2000 people are working at the plant by 2022, and the entire facility is planned for six-year construction should create more than 3000 jobs.

The first examples of a deliberate first model - an airy, 1000bhp, 400-mile luxury electric sedan - will be built by the end of next year. The target is 20 samples per year by the time the plant is completed.

The location was initially determined in November 2016, after which the lucid stated their goal was to begin air production in 2018. It then went through a series of financial issues, as well as major Chinese investor Jia Yueting - who also had involvement in another troubled American EV launch, Faraday Future - slid into bankruptcy. However, last April it said it had received over $1bn (£760m) in funding from Saudi Arabia's State Investment Fund (PIF).

A spokesman for the mutual fund said at the time, "By investing in the booming electric vehicle market, the mutual fund is gaining exposure to long-term growth opportunities, supporting innovation and technology development, as well as revenue growth and industry diversification in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

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PRIN aims to bring income back to the world's country, moving away from oil and 'aims to strengthen mutual fund performance, actively contributes to the international economy, an investor in the industry in the future and a partner for international investment opportunities.' Our investment in mindfulness is a prime example of these goals.” The initial investment was said to be $500m (£391m), with follow-on funding coming as Lucid reaches production milestones.

Lucid has announced that the first members of his Casa Grande assembly team are now working alongside engineers at the company's new headquarters in California to build the next series of aerial prototypes.

The company was formed in 2007 under Atieva named after Bernard-Tse, former board member and vice president of Tesla, and engineer Wang himself. Its CEO, Peter Rawlinson, is a former chief engineer for Jaguar, Lotus and Tesla.

Recently promoted to VP of Manufacturing, in charge of excitation production, is Peter Hochholdinger, another former Tesla employee and previous Senior Director of Manufacturing at Audi.

Lucid has a secured battery pack deal with Samsung and LG Chem for Air. He also plays a role in the design and supply of batteries for the Formula E electric single seater racing series.


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