Best iPad App and Tablet Deals for Black Friday: Apple, Amazon Fire and Other Tablet Deals

We're fast approaching Black Friday and deals are already starting to show up. If you want to catch yourself the internet on your iPad or other tablet then you have come to the right place.

Plenty of online retailers and manufacturers love to knock off a few pounds in order to get their hands on their pills, so check out the following deals if you're looking for a deal.

We bring you UK and US deals right here, so click on the links below to jump to what you're looking for

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Best black friday deals us pills

Us quick links

If you're looking for Black Friday deals from the biggest retailers in the US, then click one of the links below and you'll be taken straight there. But check out the great deals we've provided.

  • Amazon Offers
  • Best Buys
  • walmart deals
  • Target offers

Apple iPad Black Friday deals in the US

Usually prices for iPads from a number of retailers. Amazon often has deals like other stores do. So far, these Black Friday deals have not yet been revealed.

samsung us tablet deals

Samsung is being considered from a number of retailers and Samsung has already made some offers.

Samsung Tab S4 save $200, now $449.99 (was $649.99): This 10,5-inch tablet comes with a Pen S 64GB of storage and supports Samsung Dex so it's great for work or play. Click here to see this deal

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Amazon US tablet deals

While Amazon doesn't officially start black Friday sales until Nov. 22, it has announced what offers it will offer on which dates. All of these tablet deals will go live on November 22nd.

Fire HD 8 for $49 (usually $79): excellent quality HD tablet, even cheaper now. Click here to see this deal

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition for $79 (usually $129): The Amazon kids version of the medium size tablet comes with a protective case, 2 year warranty and 1 year subscription for unlimited free time. Click here to view this offer

Fire 7 for $29 (usually $49): Fire 7 is Amazon's smallest tablet and this discount makes it surprisingly cheap. View offer here

Fire 7 Kids Edition for $59 (usually $99): Not only is it cheap, but it's backed by a case and warranty, and it also offers a 1-year subscription for unlimited free time for additional content. You can view the offer here

Fire HD 10 for $99 (usually $149): The largest tablet that Amazon offers is great for entertainment on the go. Click to see online

Fires up the Paperwhite for $84 (usually $129): ok, so it's not just a tablet, but who can ignore a good Kindle deal? Transaction type here

Microsoft Surface Black Friday deals in the US

Surface lines have been very interesting lately, and once we're in for Surface devices, you'll be able to find them here.

Best black friday deals in uk tablet

Black Friday 2019 Quick Links

Below are quick links straight to the Black Friday deals pages for top UK retailers, just in case you're looking for something we haven't covered yet.

  • Amazon Black Friday Deals
  • Kerris World PC Black Friday Deals
  • Argos Black Friday Deals
  • John Lewis Black Friday
  • black friday
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Amazon tablet deals

Amazon offers discounts on groceries during Black Friday, some for a small amount of time, through lightning deals. We expect discounts to match in the US, but Amazon UK has yet to confirm its offerings.


Apple iPad Black Friday Deals

The Apple iPad may be most people's preference when it comes to tablets, but these devices are rarely on sale and hard to find bargains. There will be some iPads and deals coming in the UK, but retailers haven't opened them yet.


Microsoft tablet deals

Microsoft's Surface range offers gorgeous box-powered 2-in-1 style devices that let you get the best of both worlds on the go. Again, we're still going to get a lot of hype with UK discounts.


Samsung deals tab

Samsung tablets come in all shapes and sizes, but offer a premium tablet experience with decent specs and plenty of features you'll love. Samsung has yet to arrive in the UK with its offerings simply not there.



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