The best waterproof speakers

Whether you're planning on spending a lot of time at the pool or on the beach this year, or planning on taking your music anywhere outdoors on a camping trip, you'll want one of these best waterproof speakers to take with you on your trip.

While no one ever really intends to make their portable speakers wet, accidents and bad weather do happen, and when they do, the last thing you're going to want to worry about is whether or not your speaker is still working.

Luckily, there's a range of impressive IP67 (waterproof) speakers, so even if you don't plan on swimming with a Bluetooth speaker, you can rest easy knowing your purchase can withstand the occasional dip.

With that said, we've rounded up the very best for you - not only are these units rain-friendly, pool-friendly, and spill-friendly, they're also the best floorstanding speakers you can buy right now. Stay tuned and we'll be sure to find the best waterproof speaker that works for your budget and requirements.

Waterproof vs waterproof speaker

While waterproof and waterproof are not synonymous, they roughly translate to "Water won't kill it."

Waterproof is the better of the two, as it usually carries an IP67 rating, which means it can withstand up to a meter or so of water out of the water for half an hour before it drops to dust.

Waterproof, on the other hand, means it can survive a splash or two, but it's not something you just want to casually toss into a pool.

Of course, waterproofing isn't the only thing we were looking for when picking this list of the best speakers. We also looked at factors such as sound quality, price, and feature set, all of which helped establish a set of benchmarks that we could measure against. What you see below is the result of that effort - our definitive list of the top 10 wireless portable waterproof speakers.

Floor standing speakers FAQ: Quickly answered questions

  • Can you put a closed speaker outside? Quite possible, depending on the type of power output. A wireless speaker can be placed anywhere as long as it is close enough to the source of devices - smartphone, computer or otherwise. Keep in mind indoor speakers are not usually waterproof. So it's always better to get one built outdoors to be safe.
  • What is good power for outdoor speakers? 5W might be fine for a quiet picnic, but you want more for a noisy BBQ or outdoor party. For comparison, most modern TVs are equipped with a maximum speaker of 10W.
  • How many outdoor speakers do you need? It depends on the volume of the device and where you put it. To cover various spots around a garden or yard, you may need several.

Image Credit: Ultimate Ears

The original UE Wonderboom has been at the top of our best outdoor speaker list since its debut, and for good reason: it's durable, plays louder than its undersized sound indicates, and can be paired with other UE Wonderboom speakers to boost sound. And while the next 2 looks almost identical to the original, Ultimate Ears is packed with a host of upgrades to make the next 2 even better, like increased battery life (up to 30% over the original), better bass, and a new external boost feature that helps the speaker to make it even louder than before.

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Combined, these seemingly minor updates not only keep the UP Wonderboom 2 on our Best Floorstanding Speakers list for another year, but they help make it one of the best portable speakers you can buy period.

Image Credit: Denon

If you want a waterproof speaker that won't looks like as a waterproof speaker, take the Denon DSB-250BT driver.

It will fit in a stylish living room, but has an IP67 rating of water resistance, allowing it to withstand a full dunk. It's also the best-sounding speaker for its size, with the meaty bass and sound balance you'd expect from a music master like the Denon. There's a mini driver if you want something smaller, too.

Any complaints? To accept water resistance, the speaker is a rubber panel rather than clicky buttons, and they are not half hard to depress sometimes. But if that's not a minor pun, then what is?

Credit Image: From JBL

The JBL Charge 4 may seem like a boring upgrade on paper, but it still remains one of the best floor standing speakers around. For the money, you get a speaker that sounds great, is tough as nails, acts as a charger for your phone, and lasts all day.

For the money, the JBL Charge 4 is a definite no brainer as you get a speaker that lasts all day, sounds great, can put up with all sorts of abuse and phone tops in a pinch. Yes, there are better sounding speakers, but you will have to spend a lot more money. (One of our favorite speakers, the Megaboom UP 3, sounds worse and costs more money.)

Credit image: anchor

You might not have ever heard of it before, but Amazon is sweeping it up as one of the top rated electronics manufacturers.

The flagship waterproof speaker, the Soundcore Glare Anchor, combines the best features of its competitors in an affordable package that's hard to beat. For the price, the Cone offers good sound, a sturdy waterproof build and an excellent user experience. The LED light show is a bit tricky, sure, but it's certainly fun and can be completely turned off. While other outdoor speakers may sound better, you will have to spend a lot more money.

Credit image: Ultimate ears

The UE Boom 3 is one of the best floorstanding speakers you can buy in 2019. This is a speaker that can be noisy and doesn't distort at high volumes; be light enough to be carried on the go, yet strong enough to tumble into a bag without protection.

It's waterproof as well as dust-resistant, and has a one-button blend that will let you pull up your favorite playlists without having to pick up your smartphone.

There are, of course, more detailed speakers out there (see: Bowers and Wilkins Zeppelin below), but at a price that's relatively affordable for everyone, the UE Boom 3 hits all the right notes for the third year in a row.

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Best waterproof speaker: Fugoo Style

Image credit: pro

If you don't already know about Fugoo, you are definitely missing out on some of the best outdoor speakers in the world. The Fugoo style not only provides the longest battery life of any speaker on this list (40 hours!), but it also comes in at a tiny one pound.

Fugoo's design philosophy is to offer a variety of 'jackets' (style, tough or sport) to fit around the speaker of its 'core' to match different styles. The Fugoo style waterproof speaker offers an excellent combination of size, sound quality and battery life at an affordable price.

Credit image: Ultimate ears

The UE Megablast is at the very peak of the line of ultimate in-ear waterproof speakers. Its large size means the Megablast can be noisy and can last up to 20 hours at a reasonable amount.

The bass is stronger and richer than the smaller UE boom 3 and next 2 brothers, and this is a speaker for those who really want the sound of their music at the party. For those who want to save some cash nonetheless, other ultimate in-ear speakers cost much less and sound almost as good. Still, this is not the worst option if you want a personal assistant with you on the beach.

Credit Image: From JBL

In terms of audio prowess, the JBL tape recorder was a pleasant surprise - it's a monstrous external speaker that's not only loud, but stays pretty crisp when pumping volume. It is heavy and not an easy thing to carry around, but durable enough to handle any pool or party.

However, we cannot recommend the Boombox as a home speaker. You can find comparable sound in form factors that take up less real estate, but if your plan is to hit any patio, pool, beach or tailgate side you can find, then this person should be in control to play the tunes.

Image Credit: Tribit

If the old adage about what you pay for is to be believed, you might not expect much from the Tribit XSound sound quality to go away. Thank god the adage has never been less applicable: the speaker is loud enough to fill a medium-sized room, and at full volume, there's only a little bit of distortion at max.

To be honest, the Tribit XSound to go shouldn't sound that good for the price, but it doesn't. The speaker is impressed with the balanced sound, near distortion at high volume, and lasting for an incredible 20+ hours of continuous playback at medium volume. Plus, the speaker is IPX7 water and dust resistant, so it will put up with a day at the beach or by the pool without a problem. While its design can be forgettable, you don't only care you hear how good the XSound sounds go.

Credit image: Braven

Last on our list is the Braven Stryde 360, which is, in fairness, a solid external speaker that averages out in every way. Sound quality is good, but the speaker struggles with bass. Battery life averages 12 hours and its design doesn't really stand out. For the price, there are better options - see: one of the speakers above - but if you've made it to this place and still haven't found what you're looking for, Braven might be.

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