The new iPad Pro may still be a month away, and may land with a major camera update

We've recently heard a lot more detail about Apple's rumored AR glasses, but it doesn't seem like it's just glasses that Apple is focusing on augmented reality like the new iPad Pro and may pack a 3D sensor system that allows you to create 3D reconstructions of rooms, people and items.

That's according to "people familiar with the plans," Bloomberg says. They added that the new iPad Pro will have two rear cameras, compared to only one on the iPad Pro 11, and that it will also have a small hole for that 3D system sensor.

However, if you were hoping to get your hands on the slate soon you might be out of luck, as it's been a year since the iPad Pro 11 has landed, these sources claim that the new iPad Pro will land sometime in the first half of 2020, meaning it may still be a few months old.

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Apparently, this same sensor system will then arrive in high-end for the iPhone 12 models when they launch, most likely in September 2020. These phones also apparently will support 5G, which we've heard a few times.

Then, after that, Apple is likely to bring out "combined VR and AR headsets with a focus on gaming, video viewing and virtual meetings."

We learned about this quite recently, from the previous report I say that this is the land in 2022. Bloomberg disagrees, but says 2021 is also a possibility. In any case, it will be later than early 2020 that there were rumors, but Bloomberg sources explain that Apple apparently plans to launch AR headsets in 2020 initially, but recently decided to shove it back.

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Still, with so many devices apparently coming with improved AR skills, and with Apple apparently tasking around 1000 engineers just to work on AR and VR initiatives, it's understandable that the company sees this as a big part of its future.

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