LED lamp e27 12 volts: the benefits of using

If you are choosing lighting for a home, summer cottage or garage, provided that it is powered by a voltage of 12 volts, naturally, even the highest quality traditional incandescent ceiling lamps will not work. The most optimal solution would be to buy a 12v e27 LED lamp. The term of their use is several tens of times longer than the time of use of conventional incandescent lamps. In addition, the light output coefficient of LEDs is higher than that of incandescent lamps.

Characteristics of a 12 volt LED lamp

This type of lighting is used for a compact type luminaire, lighting recreation areas in rooms, and for organizing low-voltage decorative lighting. You will find the widest range https://ledstorm.ua/svetodiodnye-lampy/e-27. Led lamp e27 have the following characteristics:

  • low cost of the product;
  • economy: the installation of such a lamp reduces energy costs, provided that only LED products are used to illuminate the room;
  • simplicity of installation;
  • give a velvety white light that does not harm the eyes;
  • additional protection of lamps against voltage and current overload, which is achieved through the use of a transformer;
  • high level of security. Mercury and other hazardous metals are not used for their production, so they do not harm the environment;
  • have a long service life.

These lamps have a traditional base, so they can be used for ceilings, stand-alone lighting sources, as lighting in a closet.

Where to buy e27 5w led bulbs?

You can buy high-quality products at low prices, which are designed for a voltage of 12 volts, in the Ledstorm online store. We work seven days a week and will deliver your order anywhere in Ukraine, including Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, Kharkov and Kyiv. Residents of Kharkov can also arrange courier delivery.

For regular customers there are discounts, and promotions are held regularly. Payment for goods is made in various ways:

  • by cash and non-cash payments;
  • electronic money;
  • cash on delivery and in installments.
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In the catalog you will find not only lamps, but also other LED products, as well as accessories. We offer only certified products, all products are guaranteed. To place an order, select the desired item and add it to the cart. If you have any difficulties with the purchase, please contact the consultants.

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