Is HTC considering bringing back one of its classic phones?

An HTC executive wrote something late on Friday that we're wondering what the company has been up to lately.

There was a time when he was the leader in the mobile phone. In fact, some of Lint's pocket editors were hardcore HTC fans back in the day. In 2009, 2010 and 2013, for example, we awarded HTC with the coveted Best Mobile Phone of the Year UO Pocket Tasty Award. Of course, that was later. Today, HTC is not even a contender. But it may be looking to regain its former glory.

HTC head of creative labs Drew Bamford asked his Twitter followers which classic HTC phone they would like to see the company bring back with "state of the art technology." Mind you, his tweet comes one day after Motorola resurrected the RAZR in the form of a new foldable phone. Could HTC be thinking about their old, popular devices like the HTC One, and can they be upgraded?

It's hard to imagine what Bamford has in mind, but he said one follower of the HTC one (M7) was one of his favorites: "We were the first aluminum case in the Legend and we perfected it in the M7," he wrote. He added, "I think it was probably our best plastic phone outside of the windows phone line." He also said that "Dash" was his first HTC phone and that he "loved it so much".

So what does it all mean? We can't imagine the HTC one and the dash as modern phones with foldable displays and in-screen, fingerprint sensors and pop-up cameras and all, but anything is possible. And it's not clear if Bamford polled his followers to gauge user interest and punts around the idea of ​​returning to HTC's offices, but interesting nonetheless and we hope for the best.

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