Sky UK released cheaper Ultra HD-capable boxes Sky issue

Sky UK have decided to offer a cheaper box to sky issue customers who want to get Ultra HD - there's now a 1TB box alongside the existing 2TB box (which has been called Sky G silver for a while).

What else will allow you to store up to 500 hours of Full HD content. There used to be a Sky M 1TB box, but it's not Ultra HD-capable.

A Sky M with 1TB UHD and a box costs from £25 a month, while a 2TB box costs start at £50 a month. Add-on TV packages start at £22 per month, while the Sky Matter Experience package costs £13 per month - as always with Sky, costs can add up as you'll need experience, a package on Direct Ultra HD depending on your package .

  • Sky instead of sky is a question app with a new, redesigned sky go app

As well as the ability to watch ultra HD sky content, the new windows supports two sky mini-boxes simultaneously (for an additional monthly fee).

You can also add Netflix to your Bill Sky satellite network channels as well - the new service is fully integrated with the Sky platform, where you can find the shows you want.

Sky and the BBC also recently announced that you can now stream the company's BBC iPlayer content (just like download it as before), and BBC shows will also come on platform faster sky. Sky also recently replaced the sky question app with a new, redesigned sky go app, which is a much less cumbersome outgoing question app.

  • Full iPlayer from BBC finally reaches the sky question
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