Now the 4K Smart TV Box with 4 Sky Passes is slashed to £25

We haven't quite reached Black Friday, but the deals are already there - with this smart box and sky TV bundle going down to the lowest price, you'll save 50 percent.

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Now Smart TV Box allows you to quickly and easily add streaming services to your TV. Not only do you get access to Netflix (subscriptions) and YouTube (which support 4K and HDR features in this box) and all of the UK's catch-up services, but this bundle comes with four sky passes to redeem - meaning you can access some from the sky of premium content through TV now.

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The four programs include: now TV 1 month sky cinema pass, now TV 1 month entertainment pass, now TV 1 month children pass, now TV 1 day sky sports pass giving access to these services within the price - you can then decide if you want to you buy in the future goes to the future.

Now with TV, you buy these passes as and when you want them and there are no long-term contracts, so if you just want access to Sky for Christmas movies, or sports, then this is an easy way to do it.

The TV now smart box is made by Roku and comes with a remote that supports voice control, making it very easy to find what you're looking for. If you're a fan of heaven content, then now a smart TV box can be a great way to get it on your TV.




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