Honor watch 30 release date, price, news and leaks

Kind of honor 30 is almost here, with a set announcement on November 26th. This phone is the successor to the honor look 20 - a great value handset with a brilliant battery life and features that were cutting edge for the time.

So it's worth worrying about if you're in the market for a flagship price cut, and maybe even more impressive looking Honor 30 Pro will join.

Not much yet, still not confirmed, other than 5G support and top chipset, we heard a lot of rumors about the introduction of honor 30, which you will find below.

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  • What is this? Successor honor watch 20
  • When is that? November 26 - but maybe only in China
  • How much is it? Smaller than most flagships

Watch Honor 30 release date and price

We know that the honor to watch 30 will be announced on November 26 since the company has confirmed so many.

It's been hailed in China (where it's likely to be named after the V30) and what we don't know is if or when you can buy it in the likes of the UK and Australia, and thanks to Huawei's ban its availability in those regions is questionable (that honored as a sub-brand of Huawei). It will almost certainly not be sold in the US.

If and when it does land elsewhere we don't know how much it will cost, but it could be similarly priced to the Watch Honor 20, which launched for £499 (about $650, AU$900). Sources suggest it may also land along the Honor 30 Pro.

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Watch honor 30 design and display

We've seen the official teaser images (above) of Honor Watch 30 (or rather, Honor Watch 30 Pro), showing a full screen stand with a dual-lens camera in the punch-hole in the top left corner.

These teasers don't show the back of the phone, but pictures leaked online, possibly taken, of a square camera unit that appears to be four lenses.

Also, the back, as shown below, looks like it's made of glass and it's in a color scheme that shifts between blue and pink. There's no fingerprint scanner, so this could be built into the screen.

While this exact image goes against the leaked photos spotted by IndiaToday, which also seems to show a quad camera lens, but in a more rectangular arrangement, and with a chevron trim on the back.

We don't know exactly what size the screen is, but rumors suggest that one or both phones will be approximately 6,5 inches, and that the Honor Watch Level 30 may use an LCD display, while the Honor Watch 30 Pro will have an OLED one. The same source claims that the Pro model will have a 90Hz refresh rate.

Watch honor 30 cameras

Twitter and SlashLeaks users author @ RODENT950 suggested that the Honor Watch 30 will have a triple-lens 60MP rear camera and a single-lens punch-hole camera on the front, while the Honor Watch 30 Pro will have a quad-lens 60MP rear camera and a dual-lens punch-hole camera on the front.

This means the images above show the Pro model. You can see what the standard model might look like on the web leaked below.

There is further evidence that at least one model will only have a triple rear camera lens, as the official teaser video below shows what the phone's triple camera lens looks like for 3 seconds.

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Elsewhere, we've heard that the Honor Watch 30 Pro could have a 60MP main camera with a "Camera Photo Matrix Algorithm". That can be backed up by a 20MP ultra-wide angle lens, an 8MP telephoto lens and 3D time-of-flight (TOF) and a depth sensor.

The standard View Honor 30 meanwhile could have a 16MP ultra-wide snapper, a macro lens and a depth sensor, according to this source.

Which would make this somewhat at odds with the above rumors, as there is no mention of a 60MP lens on the standard 30s look here. In any case, an idea of ​​what the camera might be capable of, check teaser photo shares his honor.

Watch honor 30 battery and specs

According to @RODENT950, the Honor 30 will be 4000mAh with 22.5W fast charging, while the Honor 30 Pro will be 4,200mAh with 40W fast charging and 15W wireless charging.

As for power, Honor has already confirmed that the range will use its top-end Kirin 990 chipset (the same one you'll find in Huawei Partner 30 Pro). We also know that at least one model will support 5G, with rumors that it will only be an honor to watch the 30 Pro do that.

Watch honor 30 name

While we're basically waiting for the phone to launch like the Honor 30 preview in the West (if it's going to be a western release at all), it will probably launch like the Honor V30 in China. This is in line with previous years, as honor 20 for example, is named after China's V20 drive.

However, there is a small chance that he may start, as honor, Vera 30, and the leaked image field was divided into weibo (Chinese social network) listed it as such. Our money doesn't care about the opinion of Honor 30 though, at least in the West.

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