Huawei just got another 90-day license extension in the US despite the ban

The US government has issued a new 90-day grace period to allow US companies to do business with China, the US Commerce Department said on Monday.

The Trump administration first placed Huawei on an economic blacklist called the entity list last spring, citing national security interests. But, in an attempt to minimize the impact on customers, especially in rural America, the US Department of Commerce has issued several expansion licenses, allowing Huawei to continue buying American goods.

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Reuters claimed the Trump administration is now opting for another 90-day extension, even though he originally wanted a "two-week reprieve." Reportedly, however, ran into "bureaucratic issues". Huawei said this latest expansion "does not have a significant impact" on its business, and it does not "change the fact that Huawei is still being unfair either."

The new extension, called the Temporary General License, will specifically allow "carriers to continue serving customers in the most remote areas of the US that would otherwise be left in the dark," US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said.

The US Department of Commerce is also exploring the possibility of issuing individual licenses for US companies to sell parts for Huawei. All about the US-China trade war and how it will affect your Huawei phones, see our guide here.

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