Amazing TV deals on Black Friday include Sky Sports for £20

Now TV is getting into the Black Friday spirit with the best deals on its streaming devices and content passes for new and existing customers.

As we reported recently, you can now make yourself a smart 4K TV box with one month of entertainment pass, one month of sky movie pass and one day of sky sports pass for half the price - just £24.99. You can see what the Kerris deal is here.

However, there are also amazing discounts on the sky owned by other service devices too.

You can now get a smart stick TV with HD video, plus one month of entertainment, one month in movie sky and a SkySports pass for £15 from Currys too (usually cost £30).

Or, you can get Smart Stick TVs now with a one-month "Sky-Sport" for £20. Thinks the deal is on Amazon.

All great deals for new and existing customers.

If you haven't tried Now TV, there are some great online deals for you to kickstart your experience.

You can get one month of entertainment and cinema sky for only £14.99 - saving 29 percent.

Additionally, one-month entertainment, Sky cinema and one day sky sports is £19.99 - savings of 35 percent.

Or, you can choose one-month entertainment, Sky cinema and kids for £16.99 - Save 32% off regular bundle price.

Sports fans also get a lot, with six months of SkySport, available on TV now for only $20 a month. Consider it is usually £33.99 per month, then a savings of 41 percent.

You will be able to see all the online Bundle Deals on the TV Black Friday page here.

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