Smart security systems that integrate with the smart home

Nowadays, it feels like everything in our homes is connected to the network, from our kettles to our TV, but in one area of ​​smart technology that thrives on smart security, and smart locks in particular.

Smart locks have come a long way in technology and design. The best smart locks on the market are not only super efficient, but they also look like designer pieces that add style to your front door.

From August to Kwikset at Yale, there is a wide variety of smart lock entry methods and designs, from touch screens that do away with the notch so you don't even know smart locks from the outside. The key is to find which smart lock works well for you, your doors, and your home.

We have put together this guide to make the best smart locks on the market and unlike these products, you don't need a special code to open our expert will advise which lock is right for you.

Nest X Yale Smart Lock

Nest x Yale Lock integrates with your Nest smart home products so this device goes far beyond your front door. These are all great smart locks, though mostly if your home is decorated into other jack devices.

Setup is often a stumbling block when it comes to smart locks, but Nest X Yale Lock is easy to set up and connect to your network (If you spring on socket connections, that is). Keypad lock on the outside, so punch in the code to enter your home rather than inserting a key. It's great if you shoved your keys in your pocket or purse.

One neat feature is the touch lock, which allows you to lock the door by simply pressing the Yale logo. To unlock using one method, you click on the logo again, then follow a few more steps before the door is opened for you. There is also the option to have Nest x Yale Lock at a pre-set time, especially useful if you frequently forget to lock your door at night.

The next x Yale Lock is available in Satin Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brilliant Copper, so no matter your style, you should find one that fits.

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In the Schalge sense, another easy to install and use smart lock, although its size runs a bit on the bulky side.

You can lock and unlock your doors directly from the app, or by entering a code on the keypad. There's a deadbolt on the inside of the lock when you want to lock the door from inside your home.

Using the app, you can create and delete codes, handy if you want to generate codes for guests. However, to use this feature, you will need to do so via Wi-Fi or via the built-in Bluetooth lock. In our testing, we used the app to lock the front door at night, after we were already in bed and under the covers.

The app leaves a lot to be desired, and you'll need patience to deal with connection drops from time to time.

In the JV sense, it works with Apple's HomeKit, so you can control your lock using devices such as an Apple TV, iPad, or HomePod speaker through the Home app.

The lock also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to use just your voice to unlock and lock your device.

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August Smart Lock Pro

The August Smart Lock Pro is one of the best looking smart locks on the market, although from the outside, you never know what it is.

That's because your lock looks exactly the same on the outside (essentially the same one you've always had) and August's smart puck lock sits inside. This makes for a discreet lock that still allows existing keys to be used if you so choose.

With the August app, you can see if your door is closed and locked. If you leave the house and approach it again, the device will automatically unlock when you are 20-30 feet from the door, giving you easy, keyless entry.

Conversely, the lock will automatically bolt into place if you leave the house in a hurry and you can see that your door is secure using your smartphone.

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You can also send automated codes to tourists or those who drop by your house on a regular basis and keep track of who comes to your door. Finally, you can control August Smart Lock Pro with the voice assistant of your choice: Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

You'll need a Wi-Fi bridge in order to unlock the full potential of the August Smart Lock Pro, and a device called Connect is included when you purchase the lock.

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Kwikset Obsidian Smart Lock

On Kwikset, obsidian is a great smart lock. It hugs snugly to the door behind a low profile, and has a vitreous sheen that adds a touch of elegance to any door. It is fully automatic, with only a touch screen for entering access codes. You can create up to 16 entries for family and friends.

The lock also includes Kwikset's patented SecureScreen security component which basically prevents you from seeing where you touched the screen to enter the code (it generates random numbers that you have to press before entering your actual entry code).

This prevents someone from just looking at where your fingerprint is and copying the code that way. On Kwikset, Obsidian stands out from the smart castle by the crowd in more than one way.

I have to buy a quikset can obsidian smart lock?

It may look like a straight lock, but that's the appeal of Ultion Smart - at first glance, it looks like a traditional lock that didn't appear on any old door.

But Ultion is crammed with technology, from voice-activated geolocation, even working with Apple to look like its key. And there is still the option to use a real key, too, your connection is not. For homeowners like Airbnb users, it is compatible with a wireless keypad for entering an access PIN.

The Ultion Smart Bluetooth model can be purchased for $229, while the ZigBee or Z-Wave model costs £259 and the Apple HomeKit version is automatically £259.

Find out more at Ultion website blocking.

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