Huawei website MateBook 15-inch is ports heaven, but will it come to us?

Huawei's site MateBook 15-inch is suitable, but whether or not it will be available in the US remains to be seen.

According to MSPoweruser, leakage Evan Blass discovered what may be the first full renders of Huawei's upcoming additions to its site of MateBook laptops - a 14-inch variant, and a slightly larger 15-inch one. And it looks like Huawei's biggest site is MateBook, but want to give Apple's MacBooks a run for their money - at least port-wise.

Based on renders, Huawei's MateBook 15-inch Bora model will be rich in ports, one USB-C port (probably Thunderbolt-enabled and can be used for charging), a full-size HDMI port, and two USB ports - not to mention already about having a headphone jack. By comparison, the 16-inch MacBook also has four ports, but they are all Thunderbolt 3 ports, which greatly limit many users still using USB-compatible devices.

It will also include Huawei's cum-power fingerprint reader button, impressively thin bezels and 16:9 aspect ratio. While there's no word yet on what the speculations will be, however, Huawei's MateBook 15-inch could be a great alternative for people who need more varied ports.

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Huawei website MateBook 15-inch in the US

Unfortunately, Huawei's troubles in the US have left the fate of its devices in the country up in the air. Earlier this year, the US Department of Commerce blacklisted Huawei while Presidents Donald Trump signed an executive order to prevent US companies from using telecommunications equipment produced by firms that are considered a threat to national security.

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This has led to Google suspending its business with the company, which effectively prevents Huawei from using the Android operating system, which has spurred its smartphones.

However, the Trump administration is issuing a 90-day suspended sentence, allowing the company to continue selling Huawei as trade discussions between the US and China continue. On August 19, we were given a third 90-day reprieve by Huawei, The Financial Times reports, an extension that will allow Google to continue updating Android software on Huawei smartphones.

This may be a good sign for Huawei, especially since the US has not yet provided sufficient evidence to prove you're right. So, not all is lost.

If all goes well for Huawei and the ban doesn't happen, we may see Huawei's MateBook 15-inch and 14-inch variant hitting the streets of us in the spring of 2020.

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