The new Amazon Echo Dot with Clock is an absolute Black Friday steal

As is customary for Amazon ahead of Black Friday, the retailer has slashed prices on a number of its products. For 2019, which includes a pretty hefty discount on a new member of the Echo family: the Echo Dot Clock.

You can now snag an Amazon Echo Point Watch for just £34.99 directly from Amazon, which is a pretty huge £25 off the original full retail price.


Of course, one of the biggest draws of all the new Echo Dot is that the simple LED clock outside is visible through a layer of fabric. Otherwise, this is the 3rd generation Echo Dot that you know and love.

Like its predecessor, the small, compact smart speaker features a 3,5mm output on the back, allowing you to connect it to external speakers if the Echo Dot's own sound isn't hot enough for you.

This is one of our favorite smart speakers to date, thanks to its price, features and versatility of Amazon's smart home integration. It's small enough to fit anywhere and useful enough to make its initial cost more than worth it. Especially since it's even cheaper now.

If you want to save even more money and don't fuss too much on LED clocks outside, you can also pick up the 3rd generation Echo Dot too for a low price.

The previous Echo DOT - the 3rd generation watchless model - was discounted and now only £22. Which, frankly, is ridiculous. You can see what the offer is on Amazon.

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