Samsung's Axis Q65 QLED 4-inch 60K TV drops below $999 for Black Friday

While most Black Friday shoppers out there will be chasing the cheapest TVs they can get their hands on, we've received several emails asking us which TV we'll buy if we're buying a new one with a bigger screen.

Among our offerings is the Samsung Q60R QLED TV, which is sold on Amazon for $800 off its regular price.

So what makes us recommend this model in particular? Well, this is Samsung's entry-level QLED TV, meaning it has better brightness and color saturation than other similar LED TVs. It also has an ambient mode that allows it to blend into a wall when not in use, plus low latency that gamers will love.

Of course, there are plenty of other good TVs on sale this week (see: This LG OLED Internet S9), but it lands right in the Venn diagram's performance value.

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