Android 10 is finally starting to arrive for the Samsung Galaxy S10 all models of smartphones

After a massive delay, Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S10 series, is getting updated to Android 10. It's honestly a bit surprising that it's taken this long, but it looks like the wait is over.

Users in Germany have apparently begun to see the option to upgrade their phones to Android 10 different phones - all the Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e have the option to get the latest version of the OS.

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There's still no official indication of when it's likely to expand to other countries, but it's a safe bet that it won't take long for Samsung to open the gates wide.

The update will bring some good quality life improvements that Android 10 debuted. They include a system-wide dark mode, and have become almost in the last year or so. Privacy settings need to be taken a step further, however, and some digital welfare software has been added to encourage healthy usage patterns.

Samsung silhouetted on some of its quirks too, it would seem, such as a change to add a few more details to its battery usage schedule. Samsung has also apparently worked to ensure that pop-ups like calls and messages when you're watching a video are smaller and less noticeable than before.

In terms of Samsung phones other than the Galaxy S10 range to receive the update, Android 10 update roadmap on Samsung Israel last week shows that 2020 will see a lot of mobile phones upgraded over time.

For the Galaxy S10, however, a wider geographic release is due to happen in January 2020. This German release is actually ahead of the roadmap, however, so we can get Android 10 earlier than expected.

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