Skoda Superb 1.4 TSI IZH 2019 comment

Skoda Superb iV 2020 first drive review - hero front The sleek, refined interior adopts the Passat GTE plug-in hybrid powertrain for economy and boosts performance It's a major sign of the times that Skoda believes its new Superb IZH Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) will almost immediately account for around 30% of superb sales in the UK, after deliveries of the boxed model will begin in January. The fact that the vast majority of Superbs go to the fleet, coupled with the news that new models officially emit less than 40 g/km CO2, makes the IZH ideal, statistically speaking, become poignant a sought-after business vehicle. Which is ironic because it also has an impressive track record as a great choice for enthusiastic private owners. The all-round perfection of other excellent varieties is known; what matters here is the extent to which the PHEV powertrain interferes with the normal driving experience. Answer? He almost steps on everyone. In fact, for those who love sophistication and sleekness, this stingy petrol-electric setup will look like a big step up. Like its close relative, the Volkswagen Passat GTD, the V-class is powered by a 154bhp turbocharged 1,4-liter four- a cylinder petrol engine that is linked to a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission with a 115bhp electric motor is buried in its innards. Working together, the engine and motor yield distinctly beefy outputs of 215bhp and 295lb ft. No wonder the magnificent IV has a Brisk 0-62mph time of 7,4sec and a top speed of 139mph. In our test car, this live performance is staged for a spectacular official combined fuel consumption of 156.9 MPG and a measly CO2 output of 39 g/km. Having a 13kWh battery under the rear seats reduces space for the fuel tank, which now only holds 50 liters, but the combination of 30-35 miles of electric-only range and a generous, hybrid-petrol assisted range means owners can depend on covering more than 550 miles between fill-ups There are four trim levels, with prices starting at £31,970 (for a tech-satisfied SE) and extending up to £40,240 on the full house Laurin & Clement. It looks especially good value in rivals of the same size and quality.

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