Google founders Page and Brin step down Pichai to take over the alphabet

Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, give up control of the alphabet, Google's parent company.

Two executives who rarely appear in public handing over the reins to current Google CEO Sundar Pichai, they are both announced in press release on Tuesday. While they will still be employed alphabetically and keep their seats on board, they are slowly handing over their nearly trillion-dollar daily duties to Pichai, who has become the public face of Yandex.

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Page and Brin founded Google almost two decades ago while studying at Stanford University. In a statement, they said the alphabet is now well established and Google is operating effectively as an independent company, so it's a "natural time" to simplify the management structure.

“We have never been alone to hold on to management roles when we think there is a better way to run a company. And Alphabet and Google no longer need two directors and a president. Looking ahead, Sundara will become the CEO of Google and Alphabet,” explained Page and Brin. Pichai is not only "in charge of leading Google" but also "managing the investment alphabet in our portfolio of other stakes," they said.

The couple added: “We are deeply committed to Google and Alphabet for the long term and will continue to be actively involved as members of the Board of Directors, shareholders and co-founders. In addition, we plan to continue talking regularly with Sundar, especially on topics we are passionate about.”

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Alphabet was born four years ago after a restructuring designed to separate Google from other huge efforts in the company, including the so-called 'other stakes' from Lab X line plant (formerly Google x). With this massive restructuring, both Page and Brin have already completely slowed down and even stopped their participation in Google product launches and the annual Developer I/O Conference.

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Brin is known as Skydiving on the I/O scene, and Pages after being Google's acting CEO before passing the baton to Pichai. As CEO, Pichai spearheaded the launch of the Pixel brand and Google's huge focus on artificial intelligence. The stock price and earnings of the alphabet have also doubled since 2015. But not everything is up and up. Google has faced a lot of criticism for its handling of user data.

And, in 2018, more than 20 Google employees participated in the Worldwide Strike to protest how the company handled sexual harassment, the company's involvement in the Department of Defense project drone, and other complaints.

Page and Brin should be pleased with how Pichai is helping to deal with such matters however, because he is about to become the CEO of both Alphabet and Google. Pichai said in a separate letter that this executive change will not affect the company. “At the same time, I am excited about the alphabet and the long-term focus on solving big problems with technology,” he said.

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