Microsoft Life Pack with Office, Teams, and a Password Manager Could Arrive Soon

Microsoft plans to launch a new, consumer version of its Microsoft 365 subscription package, but it will presumably be called M365 or Microsoft 365 Life.

To be clear, this will be a rebrand of existing Office 365 Personal and Home products. ZDNet website said the password manager will be included, and that everyone should start in the spring of 2020, during Microsoft's build.

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This may, however, appear on a case-by-case basis for Surface and Windows devices. Microsoft may even go into more detail on Windows 10x and Surface OSS at this event. Mind you, Microsoft's Surface Headphones should arrive this spring, too, after a long delay.

Edge was simultaneously claiming that Microsoft is developing a "for the sake of life" version of Microsoft 365 complete with the Microsoft Team for Consumers. Called Microsoft 365 Life, it reportedly has the ability to send locations and share calendars and family documents.

To be honest, the details of the light and the truth are confusing; We're not sure if M365 and Microsoft 365 Life will end up being the same - but it's assumed. We are also sure how much it will cost and how it will affect Office 365.

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As with Microsoft 365, Microsoft currently offers several options for commercial and educational institutions. It combines Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365, and enterprise mobility and security. So, the consumer version that packs office commands and a password manager together will be new.

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