Wonder Woman 1984 trailer reveals new villains and movie's theme


After the fall teaser for trailer (it's just like movie marketing work these days), Warner Bros. released the full trailer for Wonder Woman 1984, streaming to reveal as part of CCXP in Brazil. You can watch above.

The first trailer features new villain Kristen Wiig, a cheetah, one of the oldest superhero foes (although she's very much in her civilian clothes in this trailer), as well as Pedro Pascal to Maxwell. We also get a few glimpses of Trevor's Steve Chris Pine, who returns in this movie for mysterious reasons after his death in the first 2017 Wonder Woman movie.

This trailer dwells great on an 80s setup, and why would it? After the naturally more serious setting of World War I, the direction here is quite colorful, and the choice of timeframe allows you to use pop from time to time (hello, new Blue Monday order). It looks in line with the less gritty and funnier DC movies that have started hitting audiences in the past few years (and Shazam Aquaman, for example).

Check out some new character posters to ride with a trailer:

Why 80s?

Patty Jenkins returns as director for Wonder Woman 1984, co-written with longtime DC comic book writer Geoff Johns and screenwriter David Callahan. Jenkins was on hand for CCXP to talk about the film.

"She takes on some of her greatest enemies and she tries to save them and everyone in an epic battle... because this movie is in the 80s, we decided to make a grand epic experience [like] they did in the 80s." At this point, Jenkins points out that there's a lot of hands-on stunt work that brings the film to life. The director won't be drawn to how Chris Pine Steve Trevor will return as part of the story, only that they had "Eureka!" the moment on the set of the first film that led to this twist, and that his inclusion in WW84 was not a curiosity.

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The first film was a colossal hit, with its box office grossing $821 million, well above that same year of Justice League ($657 million), which also starred the character. Gal Gadot, of course, returns as Diana Prince Themiscyra. Wonder Woman 1984 will be released on June 5, 2020.

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